At Flemington Cycles we know how much fun it is to ride. We’ve done it all – Road, off-road, commuting, riding to uni, big jumps, big crashes. In most cases we’ve done it a bit too much to be considered normal, but since when was ‘normal’ this much fun?

If you need a great deal on a new bike, a professional bike service, or even fitting a part you bought somewhere else, you’ve come to the right place and you’re about to make some new friends.

Meet The Team

Damien Lack

Hi, i’m the head honcho. I’ve been doing the bike thing for most of my life. I started in my Dad’s bike shop when I was about eight; from there I did the school thing, went to uni, worked in a few bike shops around Melbourne then opened Flemington Cycles in may 1995. I helped build the shop up with the support of some great staff ( and some not so great) “those stories over a beer one day”. Many people say “why do you want to be a bike mechanic”? simple answer I love doing it! I enjoy seeing people getting on bikes and having fun, yer there are days when I want to strangle everybody but they’re rare and seeing the smile on those out
riding is awesome. so next time you see me say g’day and have a chat.

Loves: My wife and kids, cycling (when i’m not being lazy ), fishing, food and drinks

Hates: The cold, warm beer and not being on my bike.

My duties at the shop: I do it all! suspension forks and rear shocks are not my thing, i leave that to the other boys, I enjoy building wheels and have some weird fascination with pulling bottom brackets apart (I like it for some reason).

Favourite bike ever: I always wanted the green and yellow “klien”. (never did get one)

Where I want to be when i’m sixty: in a bar that has a mtb track, a game fishing tank, great friend, free beer, awesome food and a golf course out the back, in Fiji with heaps of hot weather.