At Flemington Cycles we know how much fun it is to ride. We’ve done it all – Road, off-road, commuting, riding to uni, big jumps, big crashes. In most cases we’ve done it a bit too much to be considered normal, but since when was ‘normal’ this much fun?


I started in my Dad’s bike shop when I was about eight and after I went to school and then Uni, I worked in a few bike shops around before I opened Flemington Cycles in 1995. Many people say “why do you want to be a bike mechanic”? simple answer, I love doing it! I enjoy seeing people getting on bikes and having fun, getting fit and just enjoying it.

If you need a great deal on a new bike, a professional bike service, or even fitting a part you bought somewhere else, you’ve come to the right place and you’re about to make some new friends.